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American Rifleman News TV

Jonathan Winters "Lock & Load" Comedy Special.Vanishing Point 2000. True Expectations Dating Show. Cutting Edge - a Talk Show Television Program.The Home.End of April and others. . .

Who are those guys?

Ron & Anna Winship founded Parker-Longbow productions in 1996. actors, writers, creative thinkers - their passion for the truth and the often times missing redemption in efforts dispensed by the media at large has hurtled them into a variety of creative projects which tell a story with meaning and concern for others in our society. Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Longbow were in fact the true names of "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", and so in 1991, Ron & Anna, the modern day "Butch and Sundance" launched their Parker-Longbow public relations and marketing company.

Today, with the help of a tremendous group of loving co-conspirators Ron and Anna are on track to create a brave new world of communication for the general public. Their relationship with dear friend Valinda Rothman has facilitated a story book beginning and is a hollywood movie in itself. The Jim Hallowes an award winning director, Harry Mathias and David L. Butler, both masterful cinematographers along with composer Sean Coleman and with our proven team of talented , informed and motivated panelist and so many more that make up the whole Parker-Longbow team, and always right on the "American Rifleman News TV

Why American Rifleman News TV?

Is there anyone you know that doesn't complain about the poor quality of Television news programs in our society? there is only One show per week That hits its numbers out of how many? In depth, critical, consistent, full of new information, with a desire to inform with facts! Only one show! and Why?

Are most shows full of inaccurate and slanted material to meet the current politically correct equation. Are most shows afraid of controversy and telling the whole truth? Are most shows covering the ants while the elephants or donkeys get away? We think so too! and That's why there is a "American Rifleman News TV show!

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